Happy Holidays!

cuddle with your mom and tell her everything that's been going on with your life, get her to know that no matter how old or how much money you're making, you're still her precious little baby waiting eagerly for her fixing you your favourite meal.


compliment your dad for slowing down on his caffeine and nicotine dose, get him to know that no matter you're only seeing him once a month, you still need your hero to be healthy and hang around for as long as forever.


kiss your other half and look at him/her like he/she is the living version of michelangelo's creation, get him/her to know that no matter how fat or dull they may become, you will always feel that spark about them that makes you smitten like a teenager.


always, always, invest in people you love and love you back, there's no better future plan than this. 


happy holidays! 

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