February Horoscope 2014 :))

Horoscope for Aries for February 2014

The sextile from the Sun to your sector, with the addition of Uranus in your constellation, is going to enable you to make advances in your social life in a more unhurried manner, which will augur well for consolidating new projects. The semi-square from Mercury will enable you to deploy your creative flair for rationalising and simplifying processes and your approach on the work front.

The influence of Uranus with a square aspect to Venus will amplify your emotional impulses and enable you to experience some very passionate moments! On the other hand, the square aspect to Jupiter will give you a tendency to overdo things and even tell a few lies to get ahead. It will be on the family front in particular that this will put you in an awkward position, when Mars in opposition to your sign will make you inclined to speak too soon! Your love-life will be clamouring for attention, whether it's your partner if you are in a relationship, or more simply, your notion of love if you are single. Hurrying matters rarely gets lasting results. That's the big lesson in February for you, my Arian friends!
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Horoscope for Taurus for February 2014

The influence of Venus with a trine aspect to your sign this month will give you a boost and positive inspiration for actively consolidating your love-life and reinforcing the stability of your family life. The sextile aspect from Jupiter to your constellation will give you free rein over expressing your creative flair more extensively.

New contacts will look very favourable for the expansion of your career. Jupiter's influence will enable you to take the lead with your partner and allow yourself to be guided at the same time, without power struggles. Your working life will be calm and hard-working on a daily basis, but booming where new projects are concerned! The sextile aspect from Mercury to your sign and his trine aspect to Jupiter, both in water signs, will expand your intellectual horizons in a positive way. This month, my Taurean friend, you will find it easy to focus on certain specifics from past deeds, so you can analyse them, which will help you to avoid finding yourself backin a situation of deadlock , especially in your love-life. It will be time to set the clock to the present time, so that you can manage your life with awareness.


Horoscope for Gemini for February 2014

The sextile from Uranus will continue to have an impact on your constellation this month, in addition to the trine aspect from the Sun to your sector. This will generate an inner basic emotional equilibrium which will be much more stable and you will benefit from this by being in control of events. However, you will have an effort to make in your love-life.

The square aspect from Venus to your sign will herald a tendency towards taking the moral high ground, which could create conflicts within your relationship. Your working life will be dominated by relationships with others and the preponderance of potential contacts, which would be down to luck in the long run. The main thing will be to avoid spreading yourself too thin, where your energy is concerned. Whatever your situation this month, your love-life will insist you redress certain tendencies, which will be dominated by fear. Bringing them to the surface will be an unavoidable stage you will need to go through, so you can bring greater stability to your private life .
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Horoscope for Cancer for February 2014

Support from Jupiter in your sign and a trine aspect to Saturn will be a considerable asset for you this month in all areas, counterbalancing the effects of the quincunx aspect from the Sun. This aspect will encourage you to stand back and withdraw, especially where work is concerned, but you will be needed and it will be through your obligations that you will be able to assert yourself.

Your love-life will receive a favourable trine aspect from Neptune, which will heighten your sensitivity and depth of understanding towards your partner. Your actions and emotions will hit just the right note and you will have no problem in exercising your seductive powers, consolidating your relationship as a couple, or awakening recognition or passion in your other half. A need for escape will enable you to wind down in a way which will be positive for your health. Your emotional exchanges will be more psychologically intense, which will make you keener and more determined than usual to counterbalance this tendency. If you feel in a troubled situation, this month could be very confusing. Don't make any drastic decisions at the moment!

Horoscope for Leo for February 2014

Planetary movements this February are going to encourage you to be more flexible in your relationships and more open-minded, with even a need for discovery and learning new things. Your social circle will adopt the role of catalyst here and on the family front, you will need to adapt to changes coming from those younger than you.

The trine aspect from Uranus to your sign, combined with a sextile from Mars, will propel you towards constructive decisions regarding your finances, where following your common sense will bring you luck. The quincunx aspect from Mercury will encourage you to have an objective outlook in all respects, where your emotions won't have the upper hand! Your partners will be more assertive and less flexible this month, with the result that you will feel you have little control over your love-life. External circumstances will make you more understanding, even though you will try to sidestep this realisation! The influence of Venus in quincunx to your sign will put pressure on your generosity, which will need a boost, though don't overdo it!
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Horoscope for Virgo for February 2014

You are going to have a dynamic month, thanks to opposition from Mercury, your ruling planet, and from Neptune. You will find yourself facing situations forcing you to rethink some of your judgements and to hold on to your true fundamental values, which will enable you to rediscover them to the full and be more true to yourself than usual.

Your love-life will be straightforward in terms of stability and passion. You will express your emotional enthusiasm more readily and this will pay positive dividends. Don't hesitate to say what you feel, even on the family front, where you could defuse conflicts with aplomb. You will feel more vulnerable emotionally this month, my Virgoan friends. As a result, you could react by closing yourself off as a means of self-protection. It will be up to you to search for the real source of your fears and check whether they are in proportion to the current situation, so you can be sound in evaluating the situation.

Horoscope for Libra for February 2014

The presence of Mars in your sign, in opposition to Uranus, will create an impulse for independence within you, enabling you to move forward but requiring a diplomacy you can lack sometimes. You will have a tendency to put your foot in it, especially where your family and social life are concerned.

Your impulsive behaviour will be in danger of causing a few upsets among those around you! The square aspect from Venus to your sign will make you somewhat demanding in your love-life. It would be a good idea to temper your approach if you really are to satisfy your desires. The influence of Mercury will give you a wonderful feeling of calm, if you need to concentrate on work of an intellectual nature. If you were in a situation where you were too dependent on a partner or on realising a dream this month, you will find it easier to gain awareness, so that you can break free. Your personal need for creativity will tend to emerge more spontaneously and this will help you find a better life balance.


Horoscope for Scorpio for February 2014

The transit of Saturn through your sign, combined with a trine aspect from Mercury, will give you perfect inspiration this month for adding stability to your life in all areas, and this will be necessary for your long-term peace of mind. You're going to experience situations which will be good for gaining awareness of certain errors of judgement you had made in the past.

Your working life will be immensely motivating, especially where all aspects of exchanges with others are concerned. You will have some challenging situations to face, in order to make personal improvements. Your love-life won't be lacking in opportunities for seduction and you will know how to incorporate this instinctively. Your emotional exchanges will gain in depth, which will help you considerably to put your doubts into perspective. You will be feeling more self-possessed than usual this month, my dear Scorpio friends. The influence of Venus in conjunction with your ruling planet, Pluto, will make you a force to be reckoned with where seduction is concerned. Make the most of this to target your partner, who will come up to your real expectations!

Horoscope for Sagittarius for February 2014

The sextile aspect from Mars to your sign will boost your energy, especially in your relations with others. You're going to experience situations filled with possibilities for new encounters, where you will find support for the future. Your optimism and philosophy will find greater resonance than usual and your sociable nature will be an inspiring factor.

The square aspect from Mercury to your sign heralds a few tensions in your working life, where the opinions of those above you won't be in line with yours! Your love-life this month will cause you to show greater reservation about certain plans. There's something to be said for not moving too quickly! Your love-life will calm down this month. External circumstances will recommend you don't upset the apple cart, but be more observant so as to have a better understanding of your relationships, your admirers and your partner. This has been quite a long time coming and now will be the time to catch up, so you can adapt your self-expression, without being at odds with your real self.
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Horoscope for Capricorn for February 2014

The conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your sign will become tougher as a result of their opposition to Jupiter this month. These configurations will be auspicious for the growth of your ambitions and stubborn determination to do things in your own way in spite of pressure from outside. Your love-life will be a powerful factor in your maturity and will expand automatically.

Be careful, however, of jealousy, which would be really happy to rear its ugly head, even over trivial matters! The sextile aspect from Mercury in conjunction with Neptune will make you be extremely idealistic and as a result, your demands could seem too specific. You will work doubly hard at work to achieve your goals. Your love-life won't be at all peaceful, in fact, far from it. You will have a tendency to be more afraid than usual that your partner is growing distant. The fear of loneliness and being abandoned could lead you to make mistakes, which will have the effect of bringing about exactly what you fear most. Think carefully before you go too far in your recriminations.

Horoscope for Aquarius for February 2014

The trine aspect from Mars to your sign will temper the semi-square aspect from Mercury this month, which will bring you up against unexpected situations on the relationship front. Those around you will be subject to whims, which you won't always be able to understand very well, but you would have much to gain from trying. Life's horizons will be evolving towards a more harmonious philosophy.

Health-wise, you won't lack that oomph you need to cope with everyday life. Life at work will demand more flexibility and creative flair, relegating technical and practical discipline to second place. The quincunx aspect to Jupiter will encourage you to make yourself useful in your family circle this month. You will be more reasonable in your love-life this month, my Aquarian friend. Your ability to keep your cool where your emotions are concerned will be a lucky factor, because you are going to experience situations which require the ability to avoid emotional upheavals. Your partner will be grateful!

Horoscope for Pisces for February 2014

Mercury in your sign will give you greater freedom for managing the course of your life according to your own ideals without too much outside pressure this month. You're going to experience situations which will encourage your self-confidence, justifying certain angles of your philosophy on life. All the same, you won't lack demands from elsewhere, especially on the work front.

Your efficiency will be spot-on and your thought processes will gain depth, thanks to the trine aspect from Saturn to Mercury in your constellation. Your love-life looks well aspected with a sextile from Venus in your sign and you will reconcile dreams and reality, and freedom and responsibility, with harmony. The influence of Mercury will make your love-life evolve towards improving your communication. There could also be a greater shift, either to bring you closer to your loved-one, or to escape isolation. If you are single, your friendships will make new encounters more likely.
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